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    The only Mac quick resolution switcher with fully animated previews. Quickly and easily select resolutions for any connected screen from the menu bar or from the Yosemite Notification Center. See live animated previews of screen resolutions before selecting them, making it even easier to choose the right resolution size for your needs.

    "Resolution switcher's animated previews set it apart" – Macworld

    EasyRes highlights:

    • NEW: Today widget for Yosemite! Quick access to resolutions for all attached screens from the Notification Center. As a bonus it shows a preview of actual screen arrangement when multiple screens are attached.

    • Quick access to resolutions for all attached screens from the menu bar.

    • Live animated previews of how windows will be sized for each screen resolution by simply mousing over the menu (menu bar mode) or selecting a mode (Today widget).

    • Resolutions and previews are shown for all connected screens.

    • EasyRes fetches all available resolutions for each screen from the system. Note that EasyRes does not have privileges to create new or alternate resolution modes.

    • Retina smart: Resolutions are grouped by Retina and non-Retina modes (only when Retina modes are detected by the system).

    • HDTV smart: TV resolutions such as 1080p, 1080i, 720p are all listed when available, including refresh rates such as 50Hz/60Hz, making it easy to find the right HDTV resolution.

    • Recently selected resolutions are remembered for each screen.

    • User-friendly labels are displayed beside resolutions, such as "Best for Retina Display", "Native", "1080p NTSC".

    • Labels can be added and customised for any resolution on any screen, making it easy to find your favourite resolutions.

    • NEW: Hide resolutions that you are not interested in.

    • Option to automatically launch at login.

    Custom Mac

    CPU : XEON 1230V2, MB : Zotac Z77 ITX WIFI, MEM : 16GB Corsair XMP, HDD : SamSung SSD830 256GB, GPU : MSI GTX670 OC2
    Display : Dell U2913 Input : Apple Blutooth Keyboard, Apple Magic TrackPad
    CASE : SilverStone FT2 Mini.  OS : 10.12 with Clover UEFI Boot-Loader

    Custom NAS
    CPU : Celleron 1037U, MB : 인텍앤컴퍼니 IPXCR-VN1, Mem : 4GB, HDD : 9TB(3X3)
    CASE : 
    U-NAS 4BAY

    XBOX360, XBOX CoinOps

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