OpenEmu 2.0.4 업데이트

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    OpenEmu 2.0.4 requires OS X 10.11 or above 

    • Added support for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
    • Added gameplay preference to allow playing with controllers while in the background.
    • Added automap support for PS4 Slim DualShock 4 (model CUH-ZCT2).
    • Improved importing Multi-Disc Games.
    • Fixed case where games would not load if a previous game failed to load.
    • Fixed a potential crash when checking for and downloading core plugin updates.
    • Fixed a crash when using the popout gameplay window and accessing the Services submenu on macOS 10.12.
    • Fixed main window toolbar appearance for some localizations.
    • Fixed various 10.12 SDK UI issues.
    • Added Catalan localization.
    • Updated localizations.



    퓨리온 님 호평중

    Custom Mac

    CPU : XEON 1230V2, MB : Zotac Z77 ITX WIFI, MEM : 16GB Corsair XMP, HDD : SamSung SSD830 256GB, GPU : MSI GTX670 OC2
    Display : Dell U2913 Input : Apple Blutooth Keyboard, Apple Magic TrackPad
    CASE : SilverStone FT2 Mini.  OS : 10.12 with Clover UEFI Boot-Loader

    Custom NAS
    CPU : Celleron 1037U, MB : 인텍앤컴퍼니 IPXCR-VN1, Mem : 4GB, HDD : 9TB(3X3)
    CASE : 
    U-NAS 4BAY

    XBOX360, XBOX CoinOps

    48.png - Think Different, Play Different.

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