TSK님의 기기정보
    입력된 기기 정보가 없습니다.


    This alpha version is for testing only.
    It is not ready for daily use and we do not guarantee its usability.
    If you discovered an issue and you do not have debugging skills, please check with the Gitter Chat Room in advance before opening an Issue.

    The latest five updates are:

    • 3xxx: 3160, 3165, 3168
    • 7xxx: 7260, 7265 (8260, 8265도 지원합니다)
    • 9xxx:9260、9461、9462、9560

    itlwmx :
    • 22000:ax200 (아마 ax201도 지원하는걸로 알고 있습니다.)