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prev-lang:kbd - (Language:keyboard-code, default: ru:0): Sets the Clover GUI language and keyboard type.
Languages available:
en - english
ru - russian
it - italian
es - spanish
pt - portuguese
pl - polish
ge - german
id - indonesian
ko - korean
fr - french
ua - ukrainian
boot-args - -v (verbose mode) -x (safe mode) npci=0x2000 (PCI Configuration Fix) darkwake=0 (for setting the "Deep sleep" mode in Lion/ML) slide=0 (Only needed for ML): Sets boot-flags to be used for booting OS X. Not all flags may be needed: e.g. safe mode
LegacyBoot - (set to: PBR): But could also be LegacyBiosDefault or PBRtest. It's just the method of legacy booting, it probably won't make a difference. For some users using another method could fix legacy booting. (info by apianti)
BacklightLevel - (default: ??): Changes the luminosity of the back light of a laptop display. 0x0 is none, 0xFFFF is full back lighting. (info by apianti)
CustomUUID - You have to boot OS X with Chameleon to set this value. After booting with Chameleon, open System Report, copy the Hardware UUID and paste it here. But see InjectSystemID first!
InjectSystemID - (Yes/No, default: No): See this post by dmazar.
iCloudFix - (Yes/No, default: Yes): May be enabled to get iCloud to work. :  DROP

Enable - (Yes/No, default: Yes): Enables or disables the mouse-pointer in the Clover-GUI.
Speed - (default: 8): If enabled, sets the mouse-pointer movement speed.
DoubleClickTime - (default: 500): Set the double-click reaction time.
Mirror - (Yes/No, default: No): Rotate the mouse-pointer direction. (?)

GraphicsInjector - (Yes/No): Needed for unsupported GPU's to get full resolution/QE. If set to Yes, e.g. nVidia GeForce 450 GTS becomes EVGA nVidia GeForce 450 GTS (if supported).
VRAM - (auto) Set the given GPU RAM value (MB-format), e.g. 1024.
LoadVBios - (Yes/No, default: No): Also available in Chameleon. You will have the ability to load a custom VBIOS for the GPU.
VideoPorts - (auto): Number of video outputs to map.
FBName - (auto): Has something to do with ATI Radeon cards.
NVCAP - (auto): Option for nVidia-cards. Don't know what it does exactly (something to do wich (output)-port to be used).
display-cfg - (auto): See this topic for information about this key.
DualLink - (auto) or 0 or 1
InjectEDID - (Yes/No, default: Yes): See Wikipedia about EDID. Try to use Yes, if you get a blank screen while booting.
CustomEDID - (auto): Set a CustomEDID if non-DDC monitor. See this post for more information about this key.
PatchVBios - (Yes/No, default: No): Set to Yes, to auto patch Clover-GUI video resolution. Using PatchVBiosBytes is the recommend method.
PatchVBiosBytes - (custom): See this post for using this with nVidia GPU.

More information how to get your GPU to work (Radeon, etc.), see this post.

PCIRootUID - (Number, default: 0): If OS X can't find the GPU PCI-UID location. A patched DSDT is recommend to fix this problem. If a custom DSDT.aml cannot be used set the correct PCI-UID here. (More Info)
StringInjector - (Yes/No, default: No): Inject EFI-strings for GPU, ethernet, audio, etc. See key DeviceProperties.
DeviceProperties - (auto): If StringInjector it set to Yes, paste the generated EFI-string here.
LpcTune - (Yes/No, default: No): I believe that LpcTune actually doesn't have a purpose now as it was abandoned by Slice cause it didn't work correctly or something, Idk there's a conversation about it we had earlier. InjectClockId is needed to recover USB devices from sleep. (info by apianti)
HDAInjection - (Yes/No/Hex.., default: Detect): See this post for more info. Set to No, if using a patched DSDT.aml and AppleHDA.kext.
USBInjection - (Yes/No, default: Yes): Needed to get resume by keyboard to work. But if it is not working for you, set to No.
InjectClockID - (Yes/No, default: No): InjectClockId is needed to recover USB devices from sleep. (info by apianti)
USBFixOwnership - (Yes/No, default: Yes): Fixes USB-ownership problems in UEFI-mode.

See information from herehere and here to set the correct ACPI-settings.
DsdtName - Filename to be used for a generated DSDT-file or set to BIOS.aml if Clover needs to generate one for you. (See FixDsdtMask)
DropOemSSDT - (Yes/No, default: No): DropOemSSDT should only be used if you are injecting a patched SSDT or if you enabled GenerateCStates/GeneratePStates.
I recommend to generate a last SSDT-7/SSDT-8.aml file with freq/power-values that matches the system's CPU. Place it in the /ACPI/Patched folder to solve the hanging CPU-freq issue. A way to generate this file, is by using Revogirl's ssdtPRGen.sh. To terminate the last SSDT-number, dump to origin tables in Clover with the F4-key. 
DropDMAR - (Yes/No, default: No): Needs to be enabled to fix the AppleACPIPlatform.kext boot problem in 10.8.2.
DropBGRT: Drops the Boot Graphics Resource Table. Precaution
GenerateCStates - (Yes/No, default: No): Set to Yes, if booting gives you weird ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin errors.
GeneratePStates - (Yes/No, default: No): Same note as GenerateCStates.
PLimitDict - (Number, default: 0): Limit the maximum CPU P-state, by number.
UnderVoltStep - (Number, default: 0): Limit the maximum CPU Voltage, by number.
DoubleFirstState - (Yes/No, default: No): Helps enable SpeedStep on Ivy Bridgy systems
ResetAddress - (should be: 0x64): Restart address
ResetValue - (should be: 0xFE): Restart address
EnableC6 - (Yes/No, default: No): Enable/disable CPU C6 reporting. (CPU-power saving)
EnableC4 - (Yes/No, default: No): Enable/disable CPU C4 reporting. (CPU-power saving)
EnableC2 - (Yes/No, default: No): Enable/disable CPU C2 reporting. (CPU-power saving)
C3Latency - (should be: 0x03e9): If CPU supports Turbo, you may set to 0x00FA.
EnableISS - (Yes/No, default: No): This should be Enabled to fix ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin console errors.
smartUPS - (Yes/No, default: No): For MacPro - cosmetic.
PatchAPIC - (Yes/No, default: No): Fix NMI in APIC table.
FixDsdtMask - (Mask): See this topic. If you want to disable DSDT fixing: 0x0000 FixDsdtMask should be avoided for actual DSDT patches. (info by apianti)
RememberBIOS - (Yes/No, default: No): See this post

Set a custom iModel. Clover will set the model that matches your system. But you can provide custom data here. (Chameleon Wizard, champlist can be used to get SMBios information)

Users should dissuade from using any of the CPU keys besides Turbo, as they should be set automatically. I believe it's also set automatically to whether the cpu supports turbo in the first place though. (info by apianti)
Read this post for CPU-values that can be set.

Debug - (Yes/No, default: No): Needed to debug Clover at boot.
KernelCpu - (Yes/No, default: No): Enable to patch the kernel for unsupported CPU's. (Atom, Ivy, Pentium 4)
AsusAICPUPM - (Yes/No, default: No): AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext patch. No needed if using a patched BIOS.
AppleRTC - (Yes/No, default: No): Patch that fixes AppleRTC.kext boot problem. Needed for 10.6 and above.
KextsToPatch - (custom): See this post and this post.

I) Custom Mac
CPU : XEON 1230V2, MB : Zotac Z77 ITX,
GPU : MSI GTX670 OC2, MEM : 16GB XMP, IO : Dell U2913, Logitec G PRO
II) Custom NAS
Case :  : U-NAS 4BAY, CPU : Celleron 1037U, MB : IPXCR-VN1, Mem : 4GB, HDD : 12TB
III) Buddy : PS4 Pro, XBOX360, XBOX CoinOps
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팁 게시판 다운로드 권한 : 꾸준회원 등업 필요 194 Mactopia 06.01
56 공통팁| 해킨을 시작하시는 분들을 위한 동영상 #1 - 맛뵈기 2 2315 LeeDeaRi 03.04
55 공통팁| 범용(공통으로 쓸 수 있는) 클로버 부트로더 config.plist 19 6492 작은거인 02.27
54 소트프웨어| 아이메세지 로그인 문제 해결 방법 7 3795 Mactopia 02.24
53 공통팁| Clover r1139 기준 Config.plist full sample 1 1840 Mactopia 02.22
52 소트프웨어| 윈도우에 맥 파티션 접근 하는 프로그램 정리 1504 Mactopia 02.19
51 공통팁| 베플| 해킹 설치이후에 안정화 테스트 1 - Apple Genius Bar Test Tool 30 7426 Mactopia 02.13
50 공통팁| Apple Genius Bar Test Tool 13 2589 Mactopia 02.13
49 소트프웨어| SSD에 최적화된 OSX 잠자기 모드 설정 법 3966 Mactopia 02.13
48 공통팁| [하얀토끼님글] 극 초심자를 위핸 해킨 용어 정리 4 3693 Mactopia 02.13
47 공통팁| 해킨토시 설치 관련 OSX 주요 Kext에 대한 정보 11771 Mactopia 02.13
46 공통팁| 베플| 크로버 부트로더를 이용한 클린 해킨토시 만들기 (1편) 40 17344 작은거인 02.11
45 공통팁| Clover r1112 기준 Full Config.Plist 7 1929 Mactopia 02.11
44 공통팁| 클로버를 이용해 Clean OSX 해킨토시 설치 디스크 만드는 방법 34 11530 Mactopia 02.11
43 공통팁| [카멜레온] OS X 순수버전 설치용 USB 만들기 .... 23 12237 sung-sung 02.09
42 공통팁| 윈도우에서 해킨토시 설치용 OSX 부팅 디스크를 만들어 봅시다. 22 11519 Mactopia 02.08
41 소트프웨어| 아이튠즈 간단 단축기 1451 Mactopia 02.06
40 공통팁| 해킨토시 설치가이드 2부 ( 설치) 22 13974 작은거인 02.04
39 공통팁| 해킨토시 설치가이드 1부 ( 설치용 USB 만들기) 17 14393 작은거인 02.04
38 소트프웨어| Magican 의 깨알 같은 기능 소개 2차 3 2612 Mactopia 02.04
37 소트프웨어| 한시적 무료 받다보면 관리나 쌓여가는 앱들 귀찮죠? 한곳에서 관리 합시다. 5 2088 Mactopia 02.04
36 소트프웨어| 다운로드 받은 음악 파일을 자동으로 아이튠즈에 추가 해보자 3 2315 Mactopia 02.03
35 공통팁| Revised/Updated config.plist full sample list for Clover -1093 기준 2041 Mactopia 02.03
34 공통팁| Clover _v2 r1050과 설치용 USB 를 만들어보고... 5 1939 작은거인 02.01
33 소트프웨어| OSX 사용시 유용한 10가지 터미널 명령어 6 2627 Mactopia 02.01
32 소트프웨어| 사파리에서 마우스 우클릭,오른쪽 버튼 해제 2666 Mactopia 01.31
31 증상별팁| Still waiting for root device fix 1 2460 Mactopia 01.27
30 소트프웨어| 글 작성시 한영 전환이 귀찮을때 5 2238 Mactopia 01.25
29 소트프웨어| 화면 밝기, 볼륨 보다 세밀하게 조절하기 2277 Mactopia 01.25
28 소트프웨어| 메뉴바 기본 아이템 항목 제거 하기 1635 Mactopia 01.25
27 소트프웨어| 외부 디스플레이 이용 시 내부 디스플레이 끄기. 2062 Mactopia 01.25
26 소트프웨어| 맥 캘린더의 표시 날짜 늘리기 3 2094 Mactopia 01.25
25 소트프웨어| 터미널에서 현재 폴더/원하는 폴더로 찾아가기 1519 Mactopia 01.25
24 공통팁| DEL 키가 없는 애플 불루투스 키보드로 CMOS/BIOS 진입 할려면 1 2676 Mactopia 01.25
23 소트프웨어| 맥 OSX 단축키 [한글] 4 2620 Mactopia 01.23
22 소트프웨어| Mac OSX 단축키 정리 3 2038 Mactopia 01.21
» 공통팁| HOT| 클로버 부트로더 옵션 설명 14 9871 Mactopia 01.14
20 소트프웨어| NVRAM/PRAM 재설정 1 2480 Mactopia 01.13
19 소트프웨어| Intel 기반 Mac: SMC(시스템 관리 컨트롤러) 재설정 2068 Mactopia 01.13
18 공통팁| Multibeast 멀티비스트 메뉴얼, 사용방법 (펌) 1 8656 Mactopia 01.13
17 공통팁| 해킨토시 기본 용어 (영문) 2388 Mactopia 01.13
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